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Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm
Pull Station
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Alarm Testing

We offer a variety of options for installation and servicing of Fire Alarm systems including;

  • Design - design a fire alarm system for the occupancy that adheres to building & fire codes
  • Permitting - acquire building, Fire, & Electrical permits
  • Professional Involvement - For systems that require professional services (Engineer) we have partnerships in place   
  • Installation - Install fire alarm system in premise that adheres to Federal & Provincial Building & Fire Codes 
  • Monitoring - Provide Fire monitoring equipment and services to the protected premise to allow building occupancy 

We install all our systems to the CAN/ULC-S524 Standard for installation of Fire Alarm systems

Fire Alarm Testing

Testing, Fire Alarm Testing, CAN/ULC-S536-13, Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems SEVO ANSUL

We are fully certified and equipped to perform all testing required for Fire Alarm Systems. We perform our testing using Solo testing equipment. We test the following items on our Yearly test;

  • Smoke, Heat, Beam, & Flame Detectors
  • Pull Stations
  • Fire Monitoring Communicators
  • Fire Alarm Panel
  • Horn, Strobe, & Bells
  • Sprinkler Flow & Tamper Switches
  • Control Units & Transponders
  • Primary & Secondary Power Supplies
  • Supervisory Devices
  • Fire Suppression Systems (SEVO, ANSUL, BADGER, KIDDE, etc.)

We test to the CAN/ULC-S536 Standard for Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems

Cross Control Testing

Cross connection testing, 40M2006, Backflow, Back pressure, Cross Connect program, Watts, Ames

We perform testing on premise & internal dual check valves assemblies & reduced pressure valve assemblies  that protect the municipal drinking water from being contaminated in the event of valve failure. This is a required yearly test in the City of Calgary, and should be performed on a yearly basis in all municipalities. These valves prevent contamination from entering the water supply in the event of back flow or back pressure events. 

We are certified and test following the American Water Works Association parameters and guidelines. We follow all federal, Provincial, and Municipal guidelines for Cross Connection Control measures

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Thermographic Imaging

Thermal Scan, Thermographic Report, Thermography, Testing, Thermal Imaging, Insurance

Thermographic imaging investigation allows Electrical faults to be identified prior to catastrophic failure due to the build up of heat in areas that are weakening or loose. In many cases insurance companies will require these tests be performed on a frequent basis. In most cases there will be a significant decrease in yearly insurance premiums when these tests are performed. 

Standard Thermographic Study;

  • Certified Thermographic Technician removes all electrical panel covers on "Live" electrical components
  • Technician then will use a thermal imaging camera to capture images of all the electrical components
  • During this process, techncian will also remove any debris accumulated in the panel ie. dust, debris
  • Technician will take Electric current readings of all conductors in the electrical panel or component
  • Report will be created for all electrical panels or components, including any recommendations or repairs required
  • During this process if there are any Emergency items they will be repaired immediately
  • Report will be submitted both print and electronically for your records

Generator Testing & Servicing

Service C282-09
Generator Test 
Generator Load Bank Testing, Emergency, Standby Power

We perform Generator Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Yearly Generator testing including load bank testing. 

We test to CSA standard C282-09 Emergency electrical power supply for buildings.

We partner with licensed heavy duty Journeyman mechanics to perform all mechanical inspections and repairs.

For a full list of our inspection and testing parameters for weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and 5 year please see link below.

Generator Test Parameters

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